Analysing research

You must be able to analyse information gathered from a range of sources.

Use your processed information e.g. maps, graphs and photographs, look at the results in detail and discuss patterns. Are there any clear trends or are there anomalies? Can you link your findings to a theory in geography e.g. does the findings from your river study fit the Bradshaw Model?

Quote figures and places and use accurate geographical terminology. You should draw on detailed knowledge and understanding of the topic or issue you have chosen to help explain your findings, so you will have to spend time doing some background reading and research.


At the end of your geographical study, you must be able to reach a conclusion about your topic or issue. This should be supported by a range of evidence from your findings.

A conclusion is a good way of summarising the key points in your study, reinforced by information from your background knowledge and understanding of the topic and facts that you have gathered during your fieldwork.