Characters - Amy

Amy is a beautiful child who is shown to be well behaved and polite. Because she is still young, she is unaware of the problems her mother faces (such as financial strain) or societal issues (such as homelessness).

Amy’s innocence is demonstrated by her excited exclamation that the homeless man in the nativity scene is an angel! Her naivety is highlighted further by the questions she asks her mother about homelessness, suggesting that she does not understand it.

Amy’s kindness and sense of charity is demonstrated by her suggestion that the homeless man lives with them. She suggests that he can have her bed. Although Sandra tries to deflect her daughter’s suggestion, Amy ‘stayed where she was’ and repeats that:

the man could have ma bed

This highlights Amy’s determination and compassion, although she leaves with Sandra when warned that:

if you don’t stop gaun on aboot it Santa’ll no come this year either