Inference - example

Read the following extract and try to infer the information required to answer the questions.

Rain lashed against the windows as Jane stamped up and down the room stopping only to check the time on the mantle clock every five minutes. Her book, bought with such enthusiasm the day before, was flung carelessly in the corner beside the abandoned picnic basket. Jane stamped her feet and began to repeat her earlier tedious complaints against nature. Emily merely smiled to herself and carried on reading the newspaper without as much as a nod of the head."

What plans had Jane had for the day?

A picnic.

Hint - notice the reference to an "abandoned picnic basket".


How would you describe Jane's mood?

Angry, frustrated, bad-tempered and disappointed.

Hint - she is unable to sit still, watches the clock, fed-up with reading, complaining.


What expression does the author use to suggest her disapproval of the main character?

The expression "tedious complaints" suggests her disapproval.

Hint - the word "tedious" has negative connotations and suggests disapproval of Jane's tiresome behaviour.

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