Digital image manipulation

Digital photographs, images and other graphics can all be altered using computer software. A variety of software packages are available that allow you to edit and manipulate your images.

Student image - Street photography
Digital filters can be used to mix areas of black and white and colour

Simple editing can include:

  • cropping the image
  • removing errors and minor blemishes like dust spots
  • lightening underexposed areas
  • darkening washed out areas

It is also possible to make more significant changes to an image. This can be used for artistic or experimental effect.

For example, you might:

  • change the contrast
  • increase or decrease colour
  • saturation
  • add blurring
  • mix areas of black and white and colour
Editing photos may not be acceptable in areas such as news, sport and wildlife photography. These are seen as documentary photography where ethics and showing subjects realistically is important.