The indefinite article 'a'

The indefinite article is the word for a, an or some. This changes in Spanish depending on whether the noun it goes in front of is masculine, feminine, singular or plural.

In Spanish, there are four indefinite articles:

masculine singularun
feminine singularuna
masculine pluralunos
feminine pluralunas

For example:

un chico (a boy)

una revista (a magazine)

unos libros (some books)

unas pizzas (some pizzas)

There's no need to use the indefinite article when talking about jobs, eg mi primo es profesor (my cousin is a teacher). It's also left out after the verb tener (to have) in negative sentences, eg no tengo dinero (I don't have any money).

What is the correct indefinite article for these nouns?

  1. año
  2. oportunidad
  3. actividades
  4. países
  5. hombres
  6. programa
  1. un año (a year) - the noun año is masculine singular.
  2. una oportunidad (an opportunity) - the noun oportunidad is feminine singular.
  3. unas actividades (some activities) - the noun actividades is feminine plural.
  4. unos países (some countries) - the noun países is masculine plural.
  5. unos hombres (some men) - the noun hombres is masculine plural.
  6. un programa (a programme) - the noun programa is masculine singular.
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