The definite article 'the'

The word the is called the definite article. In Spanish, the word for the changes depending on whether the noun it goes in front of is masculine, feminine, singular or plural.

In Spanish there are four definite articles:

masculine singularel
feminine singularla
masculine plurallos
feminine plurallas

For example:

el gato (the cat)

la casa (the house)

los alumnos (the pupils)

las manzanas (the apples)

For some feminine singular nouns that begin with -a or -ha, the masculine el is used instead of the feminine la to help with pronunciation, eg el hambre, el agua.

What is the correct definite article for these nouns?

  1. ciudad
  2. libro
  3. clase
  4. deberes
  5. fiestas
  6. sol
  1. la ciudad (the city) - the noun ciudad is feminine singular.
  2. el libro (the book) - the noun libro is masculine singular.
  3. la clase (the class) - the noun clase is feminine singular.
  4. los deberes (the homework) - the noun deberes is masculine plural.
  5. las fiestas (the parties) - the noun fiestas is feminine plural.
  6. el sol (the sun) - the noun sol is masculine singular.