Different understandings of communion

Catholic ChurchProtestant Church
In the Catholic Church the Eucharist or Holy Communion is celebrated daily in the Mass.In most Protestant churches, communion is seen as a memorial of Christ’s death.
Catholics believe in transubstantiation - that the bread and wine are physically changed into the body and blood of Christ.The bread and wine do not change at all because they are symbols.The bread and wine do not change at all because they are symbols.
Communion means ‘sharing’ and at a communion service Christians share together to remember the suffering and death of Christ.

Consider the following statement - Receiving communion on Sunday is not important, it is living a Christian life that counts.

People will agree or disagree with this statement. What is your opinion? Some points to consider are as follows:

There are many people who receive Holy Communion and it doesn’t make them better people. Holy Communion bears great significance for Christians today.
People should focus on living like Christ. Jesus commanded the disciples to remember him in bread and wine.
It is not necessary to receive Holy Communion in order to remember the death of Christ. Jesus’ death can be remembered through the study of scripture. Participation in the Eucharist binds Christians in fellowship.
Holy Communion underpins Christian worship in many denominations.
Some Christians believe that Holy Communion gives them spiritual nourishment for the week ahead.
Holy Communion reminds us of the suffering and death of Christ.
All Christians should take part in Holy Communion in order to give thanks.