Special revelation – Christian perspectives

Christians believe that God can reveal Himself to them directly in different ways.

Visions and dreams

In the Bible it is taught that God communicates with His people through visions and dreams. Some Christians believe that God still speaks to people in this way.

And He said, ‘Hear my words: If there is a prophet among you, I the LORD make myself known to him in a vision, I speak with him in a dream.’ Numbers 12:6


Many Christians believe that God is involved in people’s lives. They believe that He is occasionally revealed privately to individuals through miracles, prayer and worship. Miracles are often perceived to be God revealing Himself and answering prayer.

And one of them struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his right ear. But Jesus said, ‘No more of this!’ And he touched his ear and healed him.Luke 22: 50-51

Direct meetings

Some Christians believe that God meets with them directly, through worship or prayer. They might feel the presence of God when they are praying, or have a prayer answered. Some Christians say that when they worship they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is the power of God at work. An example can be found in Acts 9 when Saul met God on the road to Damascus.

What is learned about God in these revelations?

For the Christian receiving these special revelations, God is a personal and living God. They believe God still communicates with His followers and treats them as individuals. Visions and dreams suggest to Christians that God knows and understands what is happening in their lives.