Knowing God through worship

In Christianity there are three main forms of worship.

Charismatic worship – this is often free and uninhibited worship. People feel God is working through them and they are experiencing Him in their lives first-hand. It may include special experiences, eg the ability to speak in different languages called ‘tongues’.

Sacramental worship – this is when a person receives Holy Communion which reminds them of the death of Jesus. By doing this they are reminded of God’s love and sacrifice for them.

Contemplative worship – through meditation (emptying the mind of distractions) and focusing on God’s creation, Christians can feel refreshed and spiritually fulfilled. A person can experience God by saying that He is more important than any of life’s daily worries.

Prayer is another important way to experience God as the religious believer can communicate with Him. He or she can come closer to God by bringing their problems to Him or by asking for forgiveness and help.