Further examples with subject pronouns

When speaking about yourself, use je:

je vais faire des courses - I’m going shopping

When speaking to a friend, young person or family member, use tu:

tu aimes écouter de la musique - you like listening to music

Instead of a masculine noun, use il:

il était courageux ! - he was brave!

Instead of a feminine noun, use elle:

elle est partie en vacances - she went on holiday

When speaking about people in general, use on:

on s’est bien amusé - we enjoyed ourselves

When speaking about a group of people including yourself, use nous:

nous allons faire du camping - we’re going camping

When speaking to more than one person, an adult you don't know or a stranger, use vous:

vous voudriez visiter le château ? - would you like to visit the castle?

For more than one male, a mixed group or a masculine noun in the plural form, use ils:

ils iront aux États-Unis - they will go to the USA

For more than one female or a feminine noun in the plural form, use elles:

elles sont si intelligentes - they are so intelligent

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