Extreme UK weather

The UK's weather is becoming more extreme. Some examples of extreme weather in the UK include:

  • heavy rain
  • gales
  • floods
  • heavy snowfall
  • thick fog
  • heat wave
  • drought

Climate change can increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

Waves crash against a seawall

Flooding is becoming more frequent in the UK. The Environment Agency is responsible for monitoring the potential for flooding. They evaluate the risk of flooding and issue warnings for areas. They use three codes to help people be able to prepare:

  • Flood alert – Flooding is possible. Be alert.
  • Flood warning – Flooding is expected. Immediate action required.
  • Severe flood warning – Severe flooding. Danger to life.
The flood alert icon is a house submerged by one layer of water. The flood warning icon has two layers of water. The severe flood warning icon shows a red house submerged by 3 layers of water.