The impact of Darwin and Wallace's ideas on modern biology

Darwin shared his theory of evolution by natural selection with the scientific community. However, his ideas challenged the idea that God made all the animals and plants that live on Earth, contradicting the commonly held Christian views of his era.

Despite the fact that Darwin had made many scientific observations and had a lot of evidence to support his theory, people struggled to believe him due to their beliefs. Darwin did not publish his scientific work and ideas until 28 years after his voyage in HMS Beagle due to the lack of support he received for his theory.

Darwin continued to discuss his ideas with like-minded scientists, such as Wallace. He developed his knowledge of geology and fossils to find more evidence to support his theory. His theory became backed by many years of experimentation and evidence, as well as other scientists coming to the same conclusion as him independently. Eventually, the theory of natural selection by evolution started to become much more well-known and accepted.

Since Darwin's theory was proposed, scientists have collected more and more evidence to support the theory. Although most people do accept the theory, some people still don't.

Reasons why the Theory of Evolution is accepted

  • Scientists have collected a substantial amount of evidence to support the theory.
  • Previously obtained data supports the same theory.
  • Other scientists have come to the same theory independently.
  • More data can be collected to further support the theory.

Reasons why the Theory of Evolution is not accepted

  • The theory goes against some people's religious beliefs.
  • People are not aware of how much evidence has been obtained to support the theory, or they do not understand it.
  • People could misinterpret the evidence which might lead to them making a different conclusion.