Effects of volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions can have a devastating effect on people and the environment.

However, unlike earthquakes, volcanoes can also have a positive impact on an area. These positive impacts can help to explain why people choose to live near volcanoes.

The dramatic scenery created by volcanic eruptions attracts tourists. This brings income to an area.Many lives can be lost as a result of a volcanic eruption.
The lava and ash deposited during an eruption breaks down to provide valuable nutrients for the soil. This creates very fertile soil which is good for agricultureIf the ash and mud from a volcanic eruption mix with rain water or melting snow, fast moving mudflows are created. These flows are called lahars.
The high level of heat and activity inside the Earth, close to a volcano, can provide opportunities for generating geothermal energy.Lava flows and lahars can destroy settlements and clear areas of woodland or agriculture.
Human and natural landscapes can be destroyed and changed forever.