TV programme schedules

TV programme schedules show what programmes are being shown on each channel, at what time and how long the programme lasts.

They could be presented in one of the following ways:

  • by channel
  • by listing
  • by time, ie what time each show is on, or as a timeline showing what’s on at a particular time

TV guides can be found online, in newspapers and on the TV.

Here is a TV guide for four different channels between 5pm and 10pm.

TV guide showing programme details for four different channels between 5pm and 10pm.

If I change over to the Cookery Channel at the end of Safari on NatureWatch, what programme will be on?

Lots of Lollies.

Safari ends at 8.15pm, which is 15 minutes after Lots of Lollies has started.


If I watch Talk the Talk and Weather on NatureWatch, how much of Cheese Please will I have missed?

45 minutes.

  1. Talk the Talk is on from 5pm-5:30pm
  2. Weather is on from 5:30pm-5:45pm
  3. Cheese Please started at 5pm so 45 minutes will have been missed

TV schedules may also be displayed as a timeline of events.

TV schedule showing programme details for three different channels between 1pm and 5pm.
  1. What time does Alien antics start?
  2. What time does Alien antics finish?
  3. How long is Alien antics on for?
  1. Start time – 13:30
  2. Finish time – 15:00
  3. Programme length = 1 ½ hours or 1 hour and 30 minutes

Adam is planning on watching Champion wrestler, House hunt and World wonders. How long in total will he have to wait between programmes?

1 hour.

  1. Champion wrestler finishes at 14:00 and House hunt starts at 14:30 = 30 minute wait
  2. House hunt finishes at 15:30 and World wonders starts at 16:00 = 30 minute wait
  3. Total time to wait = 30 mins + 30 mins = 60 mins = 1 hour