Impact of foreign intervention

The impact of foreign countries on the Civil War was minimal for a number of reasons:

  • World War One had ended in 1918, resulting in a lack of commitment to Russia
  • With the threat of Germany gone, Britain, France and the USA did not feel the need to supply Russia
  • After World War One, foreign powers lacked resources or troops to spare
  • Neither the fear of communism, nor the desire to protect Russian autocracy was strong enough to keep Western powers committed to involvement in Russia

By the end of 1919 most foreign troops had left Russia. But the Reds used the idea of foreign support for the White armies as propaganda. They claimed that the White generals were attempting to defeat the Bolsheviks in order to hand Russia over to foreign imperialists.

The fear of losing their independence convinced a great deal of Russians to support the Reds. As a result, the Reds established themselves as the saviours of Russia.