Reducing the impact of poverty in Mumbai

Squatter settlements can be improved through urban planning. The plan to improve Dharavi is called Vision Mumbai. This involves replacing squatter settlement housing with high-quality high-rise tower blocks of flats. Work has now begun on the improvement of Dharavi, and some recent developments include:

  • the aspects of building will make use of natural light and ventilation
  • solar panels on the roof will generate electricity
  • air source heat pumps will draw in natural heat in order to heat the tower
  • good street lighting and communal areas
  • wide tree-lined streets and pedestrianised areas
  • CCTV to improve security
  • sewage treatment plants and water recycling

Reducing the impacts of poverty in other NICs

Like India, Brazil is an example of a newly industrialised country (NIC). In Brazil, squatter settlements have been improved through self-help schemes. This is when residents improve their own homes with the support of the local authority. For example, the local authority may provide cheap building materials or a loan for residents to purchase them. Residents make all the improvements to their homes themselves.

Workers building a new dwelling in the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Building homes as part of the self-help scheme in Rocinha, Brazil