Should religious groups be able to censor what is shown in the media?

Within most religious traditions views are expressed about what is morally acceptable. Many support censorship of the media because this helps to limit the extreme behaviour we might otherwise see.

There are arguments both for and against religious groups being able to censor what is shown in the media:


  • Young people would be safer from exposure to sex, violence, bad language and bad behaviour.
  • The media would be an example of how to behave in society.
  • Religious values would be reinforced.


  • Atheists and some religious people might not agree with religious groups 'controlling' the media.
  • People's freedom of choice regarding their consumption of mass media would be taken away.
  • Tougher censorship might lead to a dull and unrealistic media.
  • Different religious groups may not be able to agree about what should be censored.