Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Some bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, making antibiotics ineffective.

The overuse of antibiotics is responsible for antibiotic resistance as it has allowed bacteria to mutate and become resistant.

Some bacteria are resistant to so many antibiotics that they are known as ‘superbugs’ (e.g. MRSA).

Why are ‘superbugs’ such a serious problem in hospitals?

  • Patients have weak immune systems.
  • Patients may have open wounds that allow the entry of microorganisms.
  • The environment is antibiotic-rich – microorganisms come into contact with many different antibiotics promoting resistance.

Preventing the spread of superbugs in hospital

  • Increased hygiene, i.e. wear gloves, clean up bodily fluids immediately.
  • Greater care when administering antibiotics.
  • Isolate ‘superbug’ patients from other patients.
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