Anglicans, Methodists and Roman Catholics all have confirmation services.

Infant baptism means that the baby cannot make a decision to have faith for themselves.

However, a time comes when the child grows up and must make that personal commitment to following Jesus.

When that person decides to make the decision for themselves, they do it at a special service called confirmation.

At confirmation the young person is confirming the promises their parents made for them at their baptism:

  • to renounce the Devil
  • to turn to Christ
  • to obey God’s commandments

The bishop lays his hands on the person’s head and prays that they will receive the Holy Spirit. The person is confirmed in three senses:

  • they confirm the promises made for them at baptism
  • God confirms (strengthens) them with his Holy Spirit
  • the bishop confirms them as a member of the Church and welcomes them into full membership which allows participation in communion