Writing and translation questions - ambitions - Higher

Here is a paragraph in English on the theme of Ambitions. Read it carefully before starting to translate into Spanish. Remember to check that your tenses and timeframes are correct.


Translate the following passage into English.

My cousin Enrique started a very interesting apprenticeship and now he is going to have the opportunity to travel abroad. He says that it's very important to continue learning and training, so he's taking evening classes. Next year he intends to learn English. I would like to do something similar in the future.

Sample answer:

Mi primo Enrique empezó un aprendizaje muy interesante y ahora va a tener la oportunidad de viajar al extranjero. Dice que es muy importante seguir aprendiendo y formándose, por eso está haciendo/asiste a clases nocturnas. El año que viene tiene la intención de aprender inglés. Me gustaría hacer algo similar en el futuro.

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