Writing practice - Foundation/Higher

As well as writing about holidays, you may also need to give your opinion on tourism in general. Try to think of some advantages and disadvantages of tourism. Here are some useful phrases to get you started.

el turismo tiene muchas ventajas/desventajastourism has many advantages/disadvantages
algunos turistas se comportan malsome tourists behave badly
el turismo ayuda la economíatourism helps the economy
crea experiencias positivasit creates positive experiences
está destruyendo/mejorando la cultura y las tradicionesit is destroying/improving culture and traditions
el turismo genera empleostourism generates employment

Try writing a message to your Argentinian friend about holidays and tourism.

Tu amigo/a argentino/a te manda un mensaje en una red social en que te pregunta sobre las vacaciones y el turismo. Escríbele un mensaje (Your Argentinian friend sends you a message on social media in which he/she asks you about holidays and tourism. Write him/her a message).

Debes incluir los puntos siguientes (You must include the following points):

  • lo que haces normalmente durante las vacaciones (what you normally do during the holidays)
  • adónde fuiste de vacaciones el año pasado (where you went on holiday last year)
  • lo que opinas del turismo (what you think of tourism)
  • los planes que tienes para las vacaciones del año que viene (the holiday plans you have for next year)

Escribe aproximadamente 80-90 palabras en español (Write approximately 80-90 words in Spanish).

There are four points to cover so it's important to cover them all equally. Remember to use a past tense to talk about your holiday last year and a future tense to talk about your plans for a future holiday.

Sample answer:

Generalmente voy de vacaciones con mi familia. Nos gusta hacer camping cerca de la playa y nadamos en el mar todos los días. El año pasado fuimos a Torremolinos y lo pasamos muy bien porque hizo un tiempo mucho mejor que en Inglaterra.

En mi opinión, el turismo es muy importante para un país porque ayuda la economía y crea empleos. Sin embargo, hay muchas desventajas también. El año que viene me gustaría ir de vacaciones con mis amigos. Creo que pasaremos una semana en Francia.


I usually go on holiday with my family. We like camping near the beach and we swim in the sea every day. Last year, we went to Torremolinos and we had a very good time because the weather was much better than in England.

In my opinion, tourism is very important for a country because it helps the economy and creates jobs. However, there are many disadvantages too. Next year I would like to go on holiday with my friends. I think we will go to France for a week.

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