Listening practice - opinions on hobbies

Female football team huddling in a line

You will need to give opinions on your interests. Be prepared to answer questions like ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre? (What do you like doing in your free time?) or ¿Cuál es tu pasatiempo preferido? (What is your favourite hobby?)

Remember that you will probably also be asked ¿Por qué? (Why?) so make sure you can justify your opinions with suitable reasons. Here are some useful phrases.

mi pasión es passion is ...
mi pasatiempo favorito es favourite hobby is ...
prefiero ...I prefer ...
lo que más me gusta es ...what I like the most is ...
me interesa ...I'm interested in ...
me encanta/me chifla ...I love ...
soy hincha de ...I'm a supporter of ... (sport)
soy aficionado/a de ...I'm a fan of ...
soy aficionado/a a...I enjoy...

Here are some reasons that you could give for why you enjoy certain hobbies.

es divertidoit's fun
es sanoit's healthy
es relajanteit's relaxing
es emocionanteit's exciting
es entretenidoit's entertaining
me ayuda a salir de la rutina diariait helps me escape from the daily routine
me da la oportunidad de ser creativo/ait gives me the opportunity to be creative
me gusta estar al aire libre/con mis amigosI like being outdoors/with my friends
me gusta pasar tiempo con mi familiaI like spending time with my family
me ayuda a evitar el estrésit helps me avoid stress

Listen to Manu, Tomás and Bea talking about their hobbies and interests. Answer the questions in English.

  1. What does Manu like doing in his free time?
  2. Why does he like this? Choose the two correct answers.
AHe likes going to the park.
BHe likes being outdoors.
CIt's relaxing.
DIt's healthy.
EIt's educational.
  1. Skateboarding.
  2. The correct answers are B and D.


Lo que más me gusta es estar al aire libre con mis amigos. Por eso mi pasatiempo preferido es andar en monopatín. Es sano y divertido.


What I like most is being in the fresh air with my friends. Because of this my favourite hobby is skateboarding. It's healthy and fun.

  1. What does Tomás do in his spare time?
  2. What does he enjoy about this?
  1. Supports the local football team/goes to football matches.
  2. Spending time with his father.


Soy hincha del equipo de fútbol local. Voy a todos los partidos y me gusta pasar tiempo con mi padre. ¡Desafortunadamente perdemos a menudo!


I am a supporter of the local football team. I go to all the matches and what I love is spending time with my father. Unfortunately, we often lose!

  1. What does Bea like doing in her free time?
  2. What does she say about her hobby? Choose the two correct answers.
AShe prefers relaxing.
BIt's an exciting and creative hobby.
CIt's a relaxing and creative hobby.
DShe does it every day.
EIt helps her deal with stress.
  1. Art (painting/drawing).
  2. The correct answers are C and E.


Mi pasión es pintar y dibujar. Es un afición muy relajante y creativa y me ayuda a evitar el estrés y a salir de la rutina diaria.


My passion is painting and drawing. It's a very relaxing and creative hobby and it helps me avoid stress and escape from the daily routine.