Travel journal


How does she describe the other girls?

Friendly but untidy.

Mì-sgiobalta means 'untidy'. The prefix mì- before a word makes a negative. Eg mì-mhodhail means 'impolite' or 'badly behaved'.


Where does Eliza plan to go tomorrow?

Sydney Harbour.

We have lots of words for harbour in Gaelic. Cala means 'harbour', it also means a safe, sheltered place.


What does she say she might do?

Climb the bridge.

Drochaid is the Gaelic word for 'bridge'. It is a feminine word so we add an 'h' to the adjective which follows it - drochaid mhòr.


When does Eliza intend to go to Ayers Rock?

In a fortnight.

Cola-deug means 'fortnight'. It comes from ceithir latha deug meaning 'fourteen days'.


Where will Eliza be staying at Ayers Rock?

She'll be camping.

A' campachadh sounds quite like the English, 'camping', so is an easy one to remember.


What does she hope for?

That there won't be any spiders.

Damhan-allaidh is the Gaelic for 'spider'.

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