Exam overview

The Question Paper is made-up of three sections worth 80 marks in total:

  • Section 1: Physical Environments – worth 30 marks
  • Section 2: Human Environments – worth 30 marks
  • Section 3: Global Issues – worth 20 marks

Section 1

The Physical Environments has a choice of question depending on the landscape type studied.

You should answer either Question 1: glaciation/coasts or Question 2: rivers/limestone and then the rest of the questions in this section.

Section 2

The Human Environments section has a range of questions and you should answer them all.

Section 3

The Global Issues section has a choice of questions depending on topics studied. You should answer two questions from a choice of six: climate change, natural regions, environmental hazards, trade and globalisation, tourism and health.

In both the Physical and Human Environments sections, some questions are based on using an Ordnance Survey (OS) map.

The question paper has a variety of questions testing both knowledge and understanding, and geographical skills.