Hand tools

There several types of hand tools commonly used in workshops to process and manufacture products.

A coping saw

A coping saw

Saws and files

Tenon sawA brass back saw used for precision cuts such as woodwork jointsWood
Coping sawA tension saw that is used to cut on the back stroke to cut details and curvesWood
Hack saw/ Junior hack sawTension saws that have replaceable bladesWood, plastic, metal
Panel sawA basic rip saw that is used for rough cuttingWood
FileAn abrasive hand tool the removes and shapes materialsWood, plastic, metal
AbrafileA saw with a file blade that allows to cut in different directionsWood, plastic, metal
RaspSimilar to a file but with bigger teeth. They are rough tool that requires more finishing workWood


Twist drillA standard drill bit with two twisted, fluted cutting edges to remove materialWood
Flat drillHas a flat face, a pin at the bottom, and two cutting edges. Allows for a flat blind hole to be drill or larger diameter holes to be cutWood
AugerHas a wider twist than a normal drill. It has a screw shaped end point. Not as clean cut as a twist or flat bit. It is used with a hand drillWood
Hole sawComprised of a twist drill surrounded by a large circular tube with a saw teeth. Allow for larger through-holes to be cutWood
Forstner bitUsed for drilling flat bottomed blind holes and is more stable to use than a flat bitWood

Chisels, planes, and routers

Bevel chiselHas tapered angles that break away excess material away and give access tight cornersWood
Firmer chiselHas straight edges for direct chisellingWood
Mortice chiselDesigned for impact. Has a metal band called a ferrule on the end to stop the handle from splitting and a rubber support designed to absorb the shock from a malletWood
Skew chiselA long, flat, bevel-edged chisel with an angled tip used for turning spindles and for creating dovetail jointsWood
Cold chiselA hardened chisel used to shear metalMetal
PlaneA hand tool that removes material and smoothes the surface of wood by removing shavingsWood
Hand routerUsed to create a housing joint. Has a chisel tooth and can be set to a fixed depthWood
SurformHas a surface similar to a food grater. They can quickly shape wood but produce a rough surfaceWood