Listening practice - weather forecasts

You may hear a local weather forecast (el pronóstico), or you may want to talk about the climate (el clima), or the weather (el tiempo) in general, either where you live or in a town or region of Spain. Here are some useful words and phrases:

hace (mucho) sol/calor/frío/vientoit's (very) sunny/hot/cold/windy
llueveit's raining
nievait is snowing
hay niebla/tormentathere is fog/a storm
está despejado/nubladoit is clear/cloudy
hace (muy) buen/mal tiempoit's (very) good/bad weather
el cielothe sky
Did you know? In Spain, it doesn't rain cats and dogs, but jugfuls! Llueve a cántaros - It's pouring with rain (literally, it's raining jugfuls!)
Weather map of Spain, five weather symbols

Listen to the weather forecast.


Write the weather forecast for each Spanish city.





Madrid - good weather/high temperatures/sunny

Toledo - fog

Salamanca - stormy

Burgos - rain


Buenos días, hoy hace muy buen tiempo en Madrid con temperaturas altas y hace sol. Hay niebla en Toledo y hay tormentas en Salamanca. Hace falta el paraguas en Burgos porque llueve muchísimo.


Hello, today there is very good weather in Madrid with high temperatures and it's sunny. There is fog in Toledo and it's stormy in Salamanca. You need an umbrella in Burgos because it's raining a lot.