Software design and development


The analysis stage is a part of development where we need to identify what certain aspects of a problem are.

There are four aspects that need to be identified when we analyse a problem in Higher. The aim of this is to build on analysis skills from National 5 that looked at purpose and functional requirements.

The fours aspects are:

  • purpose - often expressed as a description of what the software will be used for
  • scope - a list of what must be delivered over the course of the project. These will be handed over to the client/end-user. eg design, completed program, test plan, test results and evaluation report. It can also include any time limits for the project.
  • boundaries - the limits set on a program, usually used in testing the program
  • functional requirements - specify inputs, processes and outputs

These four aspects are analysed in terms of:

  • inputs
  • processes
  • outputs