Group work

The rehearsal process takes a piece of drama from initial idea to the final performance. This process of refining and developing the performance should be documented, analysed and evaluated in the portfolio or devising log.

The cast of the play Pity dancing in rehearsals in front of a microphone and camera
A group rehearsal of Pity, The Royal Court

Group rehearsals

During rehearsals, it can be useful to give feedback and constructive advice to other members of the performance. In terms of both performance and design, consider:

  • what is working well
  • what could enhance the performance
  • whether the group and individual aims and intentions are being fulfilled

Technical rehearsals help to ensure that all the technical and design elements work together. They also help to confirm that all cues are clear, and that crew members know what they are responsible for as well as where everything goes on and off stage.

A dress rehearsal is usually the final rehearsal before performing to an audience. It allows the show to run exactly as it would on the night, to check that all performance and design elements come together in real time.

It can be useful to have someone watch a rehearsal, to get an idea of audience response and to receive impartial feedback.

Health and safety

All roles are responsible for ensuring health and safety during rehearsals and performances, working within the latest safety procedures.