Body types

Mo Farrah has an ectomorph body shape
Mo Farrah has an ectomorph body shape

There are 3 basic somatotypes (body types). Everyone tends towards one although few people are totally one or another.

Your body type, shape and composition will determine how effective you are at sport.

  • Ectomorphs - narrow-shaped body, are thin faced, with little fat or muscle. This is the ideal body type for long-distance runners.
  • Mesomorphs - wedge-shaped body, wide shoulders, narrow hips, muscular. Ideal body type for sprinters.
  • Endomorphs - pear-shaped body, wide hips, wide shoulders, can have a lot fat on body, arms and thighs. When fit, ideal body type for weightlifting, wrestling.

A person's ideal body weight depends on their body type, age, gender, height, the size of their bones, and their muscle size. These factors also affect their participation and performance in sport.