Who was responsible for the death of Jesus?

  • Judas – he betrayed Jesus to the religious leaders and gave them the opportunity to arrest him.
  • Pilate - he sentenced Jesus to death even though he thought he was innocent. He knew that the religious leaders were jealous of Jesus but he wanted to prevent a riot.
  • The disciples – they did not defend Jesus, but instead ran away during his arrest. They were not present at his trials or his crucifixion.
  • The crowd – it was the crowd, stirred up by the religious leaders, who asked for Barabbas to be released and who shouted “Crucify him!”
  • Religious leaders – they were jealous of Jesus’ popularity. They were angered by the laws that Jesus broke and the criticisms he made of them. They did not believe he was the Messiah and they wanted him dead.
  • God - it was all part of God’s plan of salvation. Jesus had to die for our sins and to bring us back into a relationship with God.

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