Arguments for and against the resurrection

Belief in the resurrection of Jesus is difficult in the 21st century.

Arguments against the resurrectionArguments for the resurrection
Jesus did not die, he was just unconscious due to terrible pain. He woke up when he was in the tomb and escaped with the help of the disciples.Most of the disciples died as martyrs. They would not risk torture and death for a story they had just invented.
The disciples stole Jesus’ dead body because they couldn’t face being wrong after they had given up everything in their lives to follow him. They made the resurrection story up.The authorities were not able to produce the body to prove them wrong.
The women went to the wrong tomb, which is why it was empty.The women watched where Joseph of Arimathea placed Jesus’ body. They would not forget what tomb he was placed in.
The women were so distressed and emotional that they imagined the angel.The Roman officer checked that Jesus was dead before Pilate allowed Jesus’ body to be handed over.