Format of the exam

There are two separate papers:

Paper 1

This is the ‘objective’ or multiple choice exam:

  • there are 25 questions
  • each is worth 1 mark
  • each question has only one correct answer
  • only the answers (A-E) written on the grid are marked
  • rough working can be used but is not marked
  • you have 45 minutes to answer them all

Paper 2

This is the written paper. It has longer questions with separate parts.

  • you have 2 hours 15 minutes to complete the paper
  • the questions are worth a total of 130 marks
  • these marks are scaled back to a total of 95 marks (so each of the 130 marks is worth about 0.75 marks in the final total)
  • your mark out of 95 is then added to Paper 1 to give a total out of 120 marks for the whole exam

Each of the written questions is structured with more accessible answers early in the questions then more demanding or problem solving tasks later.

Answers must be written in the question booklet. There are extra pages in case a second attempt is needed.