Reforms to help the unemployed

Labour Exchanges Act 1909

The successes of this were:

  • offices were set up to help the unemployed find work
  • 3000 people a day were provided with work by 1914

The limitation of this was:

  • it was not compulsory for employers to register vacancies

National Insurance Act (Part 2) 1911

The successes of this were:

  • an insured worker losing their job would receive seven shillings per week, for 15 weeks
  • to receive this, workers paid 2.5 pence per week, employers paid 2 pence per week and the state paid 3 pence per week
  • many trades were involved such as shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, construction, iron founding and sawmilling

The limitations of this were:

  • the cover was only provided for a limited time depending on contributions
  • there was no provision for the worker's family