Environmental issues in Antarctica

Climate change

Studying the Antarctic ice cores has given scientists much information about how the climate has changed in the past. Each section of an ice core contains details of the atmosphere and environment over thousands of years.

Scientists are concerned about the thinning of the ice sheets. In 2002, one ice sheet collapsed into the sea. If the ice sheets melt then global sea levels could rise. The world's population who live on low-lying land are threatened because of this.

The ozone layer

Studies in Antarctica revealed how the ozone layer is very thin above the Antarctic. The ozone layer protects us from the harmful rays of the Sun. Internationally, agreements were made to ban CFCs - a chemical linked with the reduction of the layer. These agreements have led to a reduction in the amount of ozone-depleting gases in the atmosphere. These changes in the atmosphere show how sensitive the atmosphere is to pollution and the different gases that are released because of human activity.

The ozone layer protects Antartica from the sun
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