Detailed plot summary - Part 2

Carew's murder

Drawing of Mr Hyde attacking Sir Danvers Carew
Mr Hyde attacks Sir Danvers Carew

Nearly a year later, a well-respected man, Carew, is brutally murdered by Mr Hyde. The murder weapon is Dr Jekyll's walking cane. An eyewitness suffers severe distress and cannot believe the brutality of Hyde's attack. This fuels Utterson's wish to see Hyde pay for his actions.

Hyde goes missing

Dr Jekyll becomes very ill and isolated. He reassures everybody that he is rid of Mr Hyde. The police can't find Hyde and Jekyll becomes happier and more sociable as a result.

Lanyon suffers a shock

Suddenly, Dr Jekyll becomes depressed and refuses to see Utterson. Utterson decides to visit Jekyll's oldest friend, Dr Lanyon. Dr Lanyon is on his death-bed and refuses to discuss Jekyll. Lanyon dies and leaves a letter for Utterson that says it shouldn't be opened until the death of disappearance of Dr Jekyll.