Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Key plot details

A timeline of the major events in the plot of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  1. Utterson hears the story of how Hyde, Jekyll's friend, trampled on a girl.
  2. Utterson meets Hyde and is shocked. He wonders why his respectable friend could befriend such a person.
  3. A year later, Carew is murdered by Hyde. Jekyll is deeply affected by this and refuses to speak to anybody. Hyde goes missing.
  4. Utterson goes to speak to Lanyon because he is concerned about Jekyll. Lanyon refuses to speak about Jekyll and hands Utterson a letter that must only be opened at the disappearance or death of Jekyll.
  5. In the middle of the night, Utterson is summoned to Jekyll's house where he breaks down the laboratory door and discovers a dead man. Utterson reads Jekyll's newly amended will and takes Jekyll's confession to read at home.
  6. As Jekyll has disappeared, Utterson reads Dr Lanyon's letter which tells him the true nature of Jekyll's experiments.
  7. Utterson reads Jekyll's confession which reveals the true identity of Mr Hyde.
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is about the dangers of science and the duality of human nature.