Rebellion against Mary of Guise

When Mary of Guise prepared to introduce a new tax, the nobility opposed her.

When she failed to introduce the tax as a result of this questioning, she was left weakened.

Meanwhile, opposition to Catholics continued with The Beggars’ Summons.

Siobhon Redmond describes the attempts of Mary of Guise to govern Scotland in the video below.

During the winter of 1558-1559, anonymous notices were nailed to the doors of many friaries, demanding that the friars leave as they were ‘rich and ungodly’. It was felt that the needs of the poor were greater and were being ignored.

John Knox

The arrival of John Knox at Leith in May 1559 gave the Protestant cause greater direction.

Knox preached at St John’s Kirk in Perth and his sermon caused a riot where religious houses were attacked and their statues and decorations smashed.

The Protestants also took over in Stirling and Edinburgh, where John Knox became minister of St Giles.