Impacts of migration: refugees

Migration has an impact on the place that has been left behind as well as on the place that is being migrated to. These impacts can be both positive and negative. The table shows how migration from Turkey to Germany affects the two countries.

Migration map of Turkish people to Germany
Negative impactPostive impact
GermanySome of the migrants can't speak German and there has been racial tension.Germany has gained a source of cheap labour.
TurkeyTurkey has lost some of its workforce.Migrants send money home to their families in Turkey.

Economic migrants - values and attitudes

Different groups of people have different interests. In the case of economic migrants, look at the views of:

  • The migrant - how do they feel about their new life? How do they feel about leaving their family behind? How do they feel about people in their destination country who may be hostile towards them?
  • The migrant's family left behind - how do they feel about it? Do they see it as a positive move? Will they be better or worse off?
  • The government in the host country - what is their policy on migrants? Are they good or bad for the economy? Are they good or bad for society?
  • Other workers in the host country - how do they feel about the economic migrants? What type of jobs are they taking? Is there competition for jobs? Are they helping the economy?
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