Short-term migration to the UK

Medical treatment

Around 60,000 people from the UK travelled abroad to receive medical treatment in 2009. Nearly 26,000 of these were for dentistry. Even when travel costs are included, it can be cheaper to travel abroad to have dental work done.

Cosmetic surgery, infertility treatment and orthopaedic treatment are also reasons for travel. People may be unhappy with the NHS or face a long waiting list.

Making this choice does have problems - it can be harder to check that private doctors in other countries have the correct qualifications, and people may not be fully insured. Infections or superbugs may be brought back to the UK.

Competitive sport

Athletes may be required to travel around the globe to compete in various tournaments. Sport may also require someone to take temporary residence in a country to fulfil a contract. Football in the UK is a sport that attracts foreign players. Pull factors are higher wages and the reputation of the country.

Multicultural Real Madrid football team
Multicultural Real Madrid football team