Chest pass in wheelchair basketball

This is the simplest and most effective pass in basketball as it is an accurate, fast and flat type of pass, and can be used from just about anywhere on the court.

Stage one – preparing to pass

  • Place hands on each side of the ball, slightly behind the ball, with thumbs directly behind the ball and fingers comfortably spread.
  • The ball should be held in front of the chest with the elbows tucked in.

Stage two – executing the pass

  • Push in the direction of the pass, extending back and elbows – this will create the power required for the pass.
  • Push the ball from the chest with both elbows (not from one shoulder).
  • Fingers are rotated behind the ball and the thumbs are turned down.
  • As your elbows extend, complete the pass with wrists snapping inwards and thumbs pointing downwards.

Stage three – release and follow through

  • Make sure the ball is released off the first and second fingers of both hands.
  • Follow through to finish up with the elbows fully extended, fingers pointing at the target and thumbs pointing to the floor.