Specific heat capacity and latent heat - Eduqas


What happens to the molecules in a liquid as it gets hotter?


What happens to the molecules in a solid as it gets hotter?


What is internal energy?


How much energy will it take to raise 3 kg of water by 5°C? (water has a specific heat capacity of 4,200 J/kg°C)


A 5 kg block of copper (specific heat capacity = 385 J/kg°C) at 20°C is given 46,200 J of energy. What will be its final temperature?


If the same amount of heat energy were to be provided to a block of twice the mass of the same material, what would happen to the temperature rise?


How much energy will a 30 W heater provide in 5 minutes?


How much energy is needed to melt 150 g of ice at 0°C to water at the same temperature? (Specific latent heat of fusion of water = 334 kJ/kg.)


How much water at 100°C would be turned into steam at the same temperature by 678 kJ of energy? (Specific latent heat of vaporisation of water = 2,260 kJ / kg.)


When doing an experiment to find the specific heat capacity, which of these items of equipment are not needed?