History Boys: Act 2 – scenes 3 and 4

  • Mrs Lintott appeals on Hector’s behalf. The Head asks if Hector has told her why he is being asked to leave. She says yes, but it becomes clear that Hector hadn’t revealed everything. She then speaks to Irwin. They talk about what a good teacher is and if Hector is one. Irwin reveals that he and Hector are sharing classes.
  • The first shared class is not a success. The boys do not know how to behave: they have different personas for Irwin and Hector. It is clear that their two approaches to education and knowledge are very different. The boys end up arguing Irwin’s line against Hector. After they leave Irwin says he thinks it went well; Hector is disappointed in the way they have used his own teaching against him. Dakin returns to talk to Irwin – Scripps accuses him of flirting. Dakin says he has never wanted to please anyone like he wants to please Irwin. Dakin tells Scripps that Hector has been sacked. They are not unhappy about it, but nor are they particularly bothered about the reason he has been sacked.