History Boys: Act 2 – scenes 13-15

  • Dakin has saved Hector’s job by blackmailing the Headmaster about his conduct with Fiona. Dakin is about to get a lift from Hector – perhaps in the misplaced idea of giving him a reward, like his offer to Irwin. The Headmaster stops them before they leave. He tells Hector to take Irwin instead. They leave.
  • Scripps, Irwin, Dakin and Rudge reveal that there was an accident. Irwin is left in a wheelchair.
  • The Headmaster hypocritically speaks at a memorial to Hector. The boys add their memories. Mrs Lintott tells the audience what happens to the boys. They become magistrates, lawyers, self-made men. Posner has a breakdown, and lives alone, but remembers Hector fondly. Hector has the last word in the play, telling the boys that the point of education is to pass it on.