History Boys: Act 2 – scenes 11 and 12

  • Everyone gets accepted, the headmaster is delighted, although the teachers assume Rudge did not get in. Rudge, however, is not upset. He knows he got in, because they told him at the time, and he knows this surprises his teachers. His dad used to be a college servant, so the college let him in as a PR stunt.
  • Dakin has caught Irwin out about which college he was at. Irwin reveals he was actually at Bristol, although he did his teaching diploma at Oxford. Dakin invites Irwin to go for a drink, and to have sex. Irwin is surprised, and Dakin tells him that it won’t make him like Hector. They arrange to meet on Sunday afternoon.
  • Even though Irwin is not much older than the boys at school, this is still completely inappropriate and breaches his responsibility as a teacher.