Testing your solution

Although you will have tested your code throughout the development stage, it is now time to complete integration, system and acceptance testing on your code.

It is important to evaluate your solution, how suitable and robust it is, and what improvements could be made.

Test plan

Your test plan should be presented in a table, identify the test case, the test data, the expected result and include a screenshot of the actual result. You should explain any failed tests or unexpected results.

A section from a sample test plan can be seen below:

Test#TestTest dataExpected result
1validateName functionNormal Data – HarrietName accepted and returned as valid
2validateName functionNull DataError message appears and user asked to enter a valid name
3.1validateName functionErroneous data – 12345Data rejected and user asked to re-enter name
3.2validateName functionRandom string with 51 charactersData rejected and user asked to re-enter name