New job

Lucy is applying for a new job. Listen to a part of her interview and to what she has to say about her suitability for the post then answer the questions which follow.

Teenage girl jogging on the spotIllustration of a teenage girl jogging on the spot

What job is Lucy applying for?

Helper at Sradagan.

The phrase which provides the answer is Neach-taic leis a' bhuidhinn Sradagan.


What does Lucy say about her language skills?

She is fluent in Gaelic.

Tha mi fileanta sa Ghàidhlig. Fileanta sa Ghàidhlig is the phrase for 'fluent in Gaelic'.


Why does Lucy want this job?

She likes working with children and young people.

This sentence gives the answer, Is toigh leam a bhith ag obair còmhla ri clann agus daoine òga.