Physical habits exercise

This exercise helps you to become aware of how much you are doing when you actually think you are doing nothing at all.

Working either with a partner or with a group in a circle, stand where you can make eye contact in a relaxed way, but do nothing. Don’t try to be a statue or rigid, but stay relaxed and open, watching your partner or other participants. When you see the slightest movement from anybody else, however small, copy it. It might be a shift of weight, a rub of the nose, a flick of a finger or head movement. If you are all aware of one another then the movement will spread. Try to notice anything that you started and be prepared to give feedback about what you’ve observed in others. Don’t force any movements or the exercise will not be truthful.

Are there any mannerisms that you have, however small, that you were unaware of? What did other people point out? Share your findings.

Actors at the Soho Theatre in London exploring the effects of body language and the use of space