Moving house

Cailean talks about his experience of moving house for the first time. Listen to what he says and answer the questions on what you heard.

Listening practice – Moving house

White lorry cab outside a house

1. How does Cailean describe the experience of moving house?

Moving house was an unpleasant, busy time and stressful for the whole family but perhaps more so for him as he is the youngest member of the family.


2. What did his family choose to do in an attempt to save money?

Instead of spending a lot of money on a removal firm, the family opted to undertake the move themselves. His father had a friend who owned a big lorry and agreed to help them free of charge. Cailean's father contacted his brother and friends to make sure they were all free to help with the removal and, fortunately, they all agreed.


3. What does Cailean say about the boxes used during removals?

The boxes have to be strong. You need to make sure you put things into the correct boxes and label the box correctly.


4. How does Cailean's old home compare with his new home?

Cailean's old house was big with five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large garden with a shed and garage. His new home is a very small flat with three bedrooms and one bathroom.


5. How did Cailean contribute to filling the lorry?

Cailean didn't do very much to help. He just stood there and watched as the others carried the boxes out.


6. What enduring memory does Cailean describe in the final sentence?

Cailean's enduring memory is of looking out the back window of the car as they drove away from the house. The house looked deserted or betrayed, and got smaller and smaller the further away from it they drove.


7. How would you sum up Cailean's experience of moving house?

  • It was better than he expected
  • It was a sad time in his life
  • It was an experience he never wishes to repeat

It was a sad time in his life.