The Berlin Blockade 1948

Causes of the blockade

Fear of communism spreading

The USA and Britain wanted Europe to stay economically strong. However, Britain could not afford to give aid to countries such as Greece, which needed help against communist revolutionaries. It was at this point that the USA decided to step in.

The Truman Doctrine March 1947

Portrait of American President Harry Truman
American President Harry Truman

American President Harry Truman was determined to contain communism and not allow it to spread any further into Western Europe.

The containment of communism would be achieved by making all other European countries economically strong.

The USA would provide any European country with aid in the form of money, supplies and machinery to help prevent communisim – this became known as Marshall Aid.

Soviet foreign policy

There was much more opportunity and freedom for people in West Berlin, compared to the East.

West Berlin was an embarrassment for the communists, as many people wanted to leave the East to live there.