Solving equations written as fractions

To solve equations written as fractions, you must do the same thing to each side of the equation to get the answer.

It is useful to know that \frac{1}{2}x is the same as \frac{x}{2}, and \frac{1}{4}x is the same as \frac{x}{4}, etc.

For example look at the equation:

\frac{1}{2}x = 3

It can be rewritten as:

\frac{x}{2} = 3

If we then multiply both sides by 2 we get the answer:

x = 6


Solve the equation:

2x - 3 = \frac {1}{2}

The number at the bottom is 2, so multiply both sides by 2. Remember that you must multiply every term of both sides by 2, to give:

4x - 6 = 1

Add 6 to both sides:

4x = 7

Then divide both sides by 4 to give:

x = \frac {7} {4}, which can be written as x = 1 \frac {3} {4}